Allegra K Unisex 2 Pairs Waxed Cotton Leather Shoes Boots Flat Shoelaces


Designed with waxed cotton keep the shiny appearance while avoiding looseness. It has a plastic tip for smooth lacing through eyelets. The polyester material ensures superior durability and enhances longevity. With plastic tip for easy inserting into the hole for fastening adding more stylish appearance to your shoes. Match them to your sneakers or go the daring route with a little of stylish contrast. Fit many shoes: Best Suited for sneakers running shoes boots dress shoes leather shoes oxfords cleats etc. A perfect gift for friends Mom Wife Sister Sis in Law or female colleague in the office. How to choose size: For the most accurate shoe fit consider measuring your original shoelaces from tip to tip would be the best method. If you don t find the matching size in the selection just select the nearest size due the length deviation within 2 inches won t have any influence on use. If there is no reference the best method to Find The Length of Shoelaces You Need is to Determine How Many Pair of Eyelets The Shoe Has: 4 Holes(2 pair holes) –> 24 in (60 cm) 6 Holes(3 pair holes) –> 27 in (70 cm) 8 Holes(4 pair holes) –> 31-35 in (80-90 cm) 10 Holes(5 pair holes) –> 39-43 in (100-110 cm) 12 Holes(6 pair holes) –> 47-51 in (120-130 cm) 14 Holes(7 pair holes) –> 55 in (140 cm) 16 Holes(8 pair holes) –> 59-63 in (150-160 cm) 18 Holes(>=9 pair holes) –> 67-71 in (170-180 cm)

color: [Brown]

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