Men s V551 Stealth Runner


The Voyage collection features high tech breathable uppers and open-air layered mesh linings to keep the foot healthy cool and dry. They are light-weight soft and provide unmatched comfort. Features and Benefits Constructed specifically for rearfoot stability and forefoot flexibility for fluide motion while running. These technology advanced shoes feature patented removable Apex orthotics and PRS (Presssure Relief System allows for easy customization and comfort by trimming the insole at the areas of pressure) insoles for customization of fit and comfort Biomechanically engineered multi-density midsoles provide medial support and stability. In addition the midsole features a carboplast foot bridge that crosses the shoe for extra control The outsole features strategically placed pods for floating independent suspension and shock attenuation. The unique last is semi straight to fit many foot types and provide a comfortable snug heel fit for stability

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