Asics Men s Gel-Lique Black / Glacier Grey Ankle-High Fabric Running – 8M


When it comes to finding the right pair of athletic shoes you just can t beat quality design. While there may be many different types of shoes to choose from a great pair of running shoes is specifically designed for just that running. Design is how Asics shoes distinguish themselves above the rest. Gel-Lique shoes are meticulously crafted with this in mind featuring a rubber sole able to effortlessly provide the traction needed to keep you moving forward at full speed while also supplying the flexibility to enable you to move naturally. Also constructed with fabric fabric able to absorb any excess moisture while creating a light-weight breathable atmosphere for your feet. The fusion of form and function in Gel-Lique makes them the best athletic shoes for those seeking to unleash their natural potential.

color: [Black]

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